When Were Guinea Pigs Domesticated? Uncovering The History Of These Cute Pets

The History of Domesticated Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs have been beloved pets for generations, but many people don’t know when they were first domesticated. The answer is that guinea pigs were first tamed by the Incas, a South American indigenous tribe, over 5,000 years ago.

The Purpose of Keeping Guinea Pigs

At first, the Incas kept guinea pigs as a source of food and also used them in religious ceremonies. They would also feed them to their pet snakes to keep them healthy and entertained. It wasn’t until much later that people began caring for guinea pigs as pets and companions rather than animals meant only for sustenance or worship purposes.

How Domesticating Guinea Pigs Changed

Today, keeping guinea pigs has changed significantly from how it was practiced by the Incas centuries ago. Nowadays, most people keep these small rodents as loving pets or show animals; rather than being raised primarily for food consumption like they were in ancient times. People now provide their pet guinea pigs with proper nutrition along with plenty of toys and activities to keep them occupied so they can live long happy lives full of love and attention from their owners!


In conclusion, while the exact date isn’t clear – we do know that guinea pig domestication dates back thousands of years ago when the Inca’s tamed these furry creatures primarily for food or religious ceremonies. Today however, more and more people are choosing to give these little critters loving homes instead – treating them just like any other family pet!