What Foods Are Bad For Guinea Pigs?

What Foods Are Bad for Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs are cute and cuddly pets that require careful attention to their dietary needs. They need a balanced diet of hay, fresh vegetables, and occasional treats like fruit. However, there are some foods that can be potentially harmful to your guinea pig’s health if they eat them regularly or in large amounts. It’s important to understand which foods should be avoided when feeding your guinea pig so you can keep them healthy and happy for years to come.

Vegetables & Fruits To Avoid

Certain vegetables and fruits should not be fed to guinea pigs as they could cause digestive issues or other health problems. These include: onions, garlic, potatoes (cooked or raw), tomato leaves, apple seeds, rhubarb stalks/leaves and avocado skins/pits. Other unhealthy snacks such as ice cream cones or chips should also never be given to guinea pigs as these will contain ingredients like salt that can be detrimental for them.

Non-Food Items

It is important to remember that some non-food items can also present dangers if ingested by a guinea pig such as small pieces of string, rubber bands or plastic bags – all of which pose potential choking hazards! Additionally any type of human medication (prescription drugs) should always stay out of reach from curious little paws because it could lead to serious illness in the worst case scenario – even death! Lastly – make sure any cleaning products used around their cage area are safe for use with animals!


To ensure your pet’s wellbeing it is essential that you only feed them food specifically designed for guinea pigs along with providing plenty of grass hay on a daily basis – this way you will know exactly what they are consuming and help keep away any potential harm from occurring due to bad choices in dieting habits!