What Fish Get Along with Angelfish?

Angelfish, also known as Pterophyllum scalare, are popular freshwater aquarium fish that captivate hobbyists with their graceful appearance and elegant fins. Being peaceful and calm in nature, angelfish make great tank mates for many other species of fish. However, it’s essential to consider certain factors when choosing suitable companions for your angelfish to ensure a harmonious and stress-free environment within the aquarium.

Before exploring compatible fish options for angelfish, it’s crucial to provide an adequate tank size and setup. Ideally, a 20-gallon (76 liters) tank is the minimum requirement for housing a pair of adult angelfish along with other compatible species. Additionally, ensure the tank has plenty of hiding spots like plants or decorations where smaller fish can seek shelter if needed.

One popular choice as a companion for angelfish is gouramis. Gourami species such as pearl gouramis or dwarf gouramis share similar water parameters and temperament with angelfish. They add visual appeal to the aquarium due to their vibrant colors while maintaining overall peace within the community.

Corydoras catfish are bottom-dwelling scavengers that can coexist peacefully alongside angel fish without causing any conflicts. These small-sized catfish not only help keep the substrate clean by consuming leftover food but also add diversity to your aquatic display.

Tetras make excellent companions for angelfish due to their peaceful demeanor and compatibility in terms of water conditions. Species like cardinal tetras or neon tetras lend stunning pops of color while remaining docile enough not to intimidate or provoke angels.

Species such as guppies, mollies, and platies fall under the category of livebearers and can be suitable tank mates for angelfish. These fish possess a calm nature and are relatively easy to care for, making them great choices for beginners. However, ensure that you have ample hiding spots and vegetation in the tank to provide newborn fry with shelter from angelfish.

Danios are active schooling fish that can coexist harmoniously alongside angelfish. They thrive in similar water conditions and share a peaceful temperament. Zebra danios or pearl danios add lively movement throughout the aquarium while complementing the beauty of your angel fish.

While many species peacefully coexist with angelfish, it’s important to avoid aggressive or fin-nipping species that may stress or harm your angels. Avoid including cichlids (except for other peaceful dwarf cichlids), barbs, some types of bettas, or any fast-moving nippy fish in your community aquarium with angel fish.

When introducing new tank mates alongside your angelfish, closely observe their behavior during the initial stages. Keep an eye out for signs of aggression or stress among any inhabitants within the aquarium. If conflicts arise over territory or dominance issues among certain species, consider reevaluating their compatibility before any serious harm occurs.

In conclusion, when selecting companions for your beautiful angelfish within a communal freshwater aquarium setup: choose peaceful species with similar water requirements; provide adequate space and hiding places; avoid aggressive or fin-nipping fishes; and always monitor their interactions closely at first to ensure a harmonious environment where all inhabitants can thrive happily together!