What Do Guinea Pigs Eat And Drink?

What Do Guinea Pigs Eat and Drink?

Guinea pigs are affectionate and adorable creatures, but like all animals, they need certain elements to stay healthy. So what do guinea pigs eat and drink?

Dietary Requirements

Guinea pigs have specific dietary requirements that must be met in order to keep them happy and healthy. The main food source for guinea pigs is hay. Hay should make up the majority of their diet (around 80%) as it helps to keep their digestive system working properly while providing essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein. It’s important to give your guinea pig high-quality hay that’s free from mold or dust particles. You can also provide other fresh vegetables such as carrots, bell peppers, celery and kale – these should make up around 20% of their diet. Avoid giving your guinea pig fruits with a lot of sugar or starches like potatoes which can cause health problems over time.

Water Intake

In addition to a balanced diet of hay and veggies, guinea pigs need access to clean water at all times in order to stay hydrated and healthy. Water bottles with small sipper tubes are the best option for providing water because they help prevent spills as well as contamination from dirt or bacteria getting into the bottle when your pet drinks from it. Check the bottle regularly throughout the day for any signs of leaking or blockage so you can ensure your pet always has access to fresh water whenever they need it!


It’s important not only what you feed your guinea pig but also how much you feed them; portion control is key! An excess of sugary foods can lead to obesity in our furry friends so be sure not to overfeed them on treats! As long as you provide plenty of quality hay along with some fresh vegetables every now then paired with an always-full water supply –your pet will live a happy life full of squeaks & cuddles!