What Can You Feed Guinea Pigs?

What Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

Guinea pigs are adorable, playful animals that make wonderful pets. They are low maintenance and relatively easy to care for. To keep your guinea pig happy and healthy, you’ll need to feed them the right diet. But what can guinea pigs eat safely?

A Balanced Diet

The most important part of a balanced diet for guinea pigs is hay. Fresh hay should be available at all times as it provides essential fiber and helps wear down their growing teeth. Timothy hay or oat hay is ideal, but other types can also be fed occasionally as long as they are pesticide-free and not moldy or dusty. Hay should make up about 75% of their diet; the remainder should include fresh vegetables such as dark leafy greens (kale, spinach, Swiss chard), carrots, bell peppers, broccoli stalks/florets or zucchini – just make sure they’re washed properly first! A small amount of fruit such as applesauce or strawberries can also be provided in moderation since fruits contain sugar which may cause health problems if given too often. Other occasional treats like parsley or mint can offer variety in between meals while providing additional nutrients like vitamins C & K along with iron & magnesium – just ensure these treats don’t exceed 10% of their daily intake!

Foods To Avoid

Although many people think guinea pigs love sugary snacks like candy or cereal pieces; these items actually provide very little nutritional value and could potentially lead to health issues like obesity& diabetes over time – so it’s best avoided altogether! Legumes such as beans & peas have high levels of phosphorus which isn’t good for a guinea pig’s kidneys so those should also be avoided; any food offered tothem must always be free from preservatives& chemicals too since these substances can harm them significantly if consumed regularly. Lastly never give your pet large amounts of dairy products like milk cheese yogurt etc ; this typeof food has been shownto increase risksof developing bladder stones in some cases so its better left out completely unless advised by your veterinarian specifically otherwise!


By securely followinga proper dietary plan consisting primarilyof fresh haysome vegetablesandoccasional fruitsyou’ll help ensureyourguineapigstayshealthyandhappyfor years to come!