Violet Wrap Chinchilla

Scientific NameChinchilla lanigera
Common NameViolet Wrap Chinchilla
Care LevelIntermediate
Lifespan10-20 years
Adult Size10-14 inches in length
OriginResult of selective breeding from the standard gray chinchillas
TemperamentSocial, Playful, Curious

About the Violet Wrap Chinchilla

The Violet Wrap Chinchilla, with its exquisite violet-hued fur, stands as a testament to the wonders of selective breeding. A vision in lilac, this chinchilla variety offers not just a unique color palette but also the standard allure of a regular chinchilla’s behavior and antics.

History & Domestication

Originating from the meticulous endeavors of breeders aiming for a distinct color variation, the Violet Wrap Chinchilla is not a naturally occurring wild type. Over generations, breeding programs specifically targeted the violet undertone, perfecting it to what we recognize today. Their captivating color instantly draws attention and sets them apart from the more conventional chinchilla shades.


The size of the Violet Wrap Chinchilla, irrespective of its dazzling coat, is consistent with the standard chinchilla, usually ranging from 10 to 14 inches in body length. An additional 3 to 5 inches can be attributed to their fluffy tails, assisting in balance during their energetic bursts of movement.


With attentive care, the Violet Wrap Chinchilla can thrive and live anywhere from 10 to 20 years. A holistic approach to their well-being, including appropriate housing, diet, and regular health checks, ensures a prolonged, healthy life.


Breeding the Violet Wrap Chinchilla necessitates a deep-rooted understanding of chinchilla genetics. It’s crucial to pair specific chinchillas to retain and enhance the violet hue. Beyond just aesthetics, breeders also emphasize health and temperament, guaranteeing that future generations are both vibrant in color and robust in health.

Unique Features

Beyond its name-sake color, the Violet Wrap Chinchilla possesses the quintessential, thick fur common to chinchillas. This dense fur, combined with the unique violet shade, provides an almost shimmering effect, making these chinchillas appear almost ethereal in the right lighting.

Behavior and Temperament

Violet Wrap Chinchillas are every bit as spirited and social as their counterparts. Their playful nature, combined with moments of sheer curiosity, makes them an absolute delight as pets. While they can be incredibly social, introducing them to unfamiliar chinchillas or other animals should be approached with caution and patience.


Bonding with a Violet Wrap Chinchilla demands time and consistent, gentle interaction. Once trust is built, handling becomes a joy, with their soft fur providing a tactile treat. However, care must be taken due to their delicate skeletal structure.

Grooming Needs

That luxurious fur demands attention. Regular dust baths using specialized chinchilla dust are a must to maintain its sheen and health. As with all chinchillas, water baths are a strict no-go, as moisture can cause severe health issues.

Diet & Nutrition

A fiber-rich diet is central to the Violet Wrap Chinchilla’s health. Predominantly, their diet should consist of high-quality hay. Chinchilla-specific pellets can supplement this base diet. Although treats can be a fun occasional offering, it’s essential to provide them sparingly.


Given the density of their fur, Violet Wrap Chinchillas can be particularly sensitive to heat. Keeping their environment between 60°F to 70°F is crucial for their comfort. In hotter climates or seasons, additional cooling measures, such as cooling stones, can be of great aid.

Common Health Issues

The Violet Wrap Chinchilla, like other chinchilla variants, is prone to dental problems, potential fungal infections due to their thick fur, and respiratory issues. Regular check-ups and keen observation can help detect and address health concerns early on.

Habitat Requirements

To cater to their active nature, a spacious cage with multiple platforms and hiding spots is ideal. Incorporating natural wood not only provides a natural ambiance but also aids in managing their continually growing teeth.

Cost of Care

The initial acquisition of a Violet Wrap Chinchilla, combined with setting up an apt habitat, might be an investment. Monthly expenses will include food, grooming supplies, and periodic vet visits. Given their potential lifespan, it’s essential to be financially prepared for long-term care and any unplanned health concerns.

Violet Wrap Chinchilla FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)