Is A Guinea Pig A Rodent?

What is a Guinea Pig?

A guinea pig, also known as a cavy, is an adorable and popular small pet. These animals have unique personalities and are very social creatures who enjoy spending time with their owners. They are usually quite easy to take care of and can be kept in many different environments.

Is A Guinea Pig A Rodent?

Yes, guinea pigs are rodents! They belong to the family Caviidae which includes several species of rodents native to South America. Although they look similar to hamsters or gerbils, they actually have more in common with rabbits than other rodent species.

Guinea pigs typically have rounded snouts and short ears compared to most rodent species like mice or rats that have pointed snouts and long ears. Additionally they often don’t grow fur on their tails like other rodents do. Despite these physical differences though, all members of the Caviidae family still share many similarities with other rodents including small eyes, sharp teeth for chewing plants, powerful hind legs made for jumping up high onto objects like rocks or furniture pieces in your home!


In conclusion, guinea pigs may not look exactly like traditional rodents but they are indeed part of the same family – Caviidae – making them one furry member of the rodent clan! So if you’ve ever been curious about this delightful animal’s true identity you now know why a guinea pig can accurately be called both cute AND a tiny little rodent all at once!