How to Tell if Your Hedgehog Likes You

Have you recently adopted a hedgehog and wonder if they have warmed up to you? Hedgehogs are known for their prickly appearance, but don’t let that fool you – they can form strong bonds with their owners! In this blog post, we will explore some common signs that indicate whether or not your hedgehog likes you.

One clear sign that your hedgehog is starting to like you is when they become more curious and alert around you. If they exhibit a heightened interest in your presence and actively investigate their surroundings whenever you’re nearby, it’s a positive indication of bonding. This behavior shows that your hedgehog is comfortable in your presence and wants to engage with its environment.

Hedgehogs are naturally timid creatures, so if yours starts showing signs of relaxation while being near or held by you, it’s an excellent sign of trust and affection. When a hedgehog feels at ease with its owner, it will uncurl from its defensive posture and allow itself to be more vulnerable by exposing its belly or extending its quills less frequently.

While not all hedgehogs are vocal creatures, some may develop vocal cues as a form of communication when expressing happiness or contentment towards their owners. These sounds can range from soft chirping sounds to light purring noises when receiving attention or gentle petting from their trusted human companion.

When your hedgehog seeks physical contact willingly by crawling onto your hand without hesitation or climbing onto various parts of your body when outside the enclosure, it signifies an established level of comfort between both parties involved – confirming that the bond is growing stronger.

If your hedgehog actively engages in playtime, it’s a positive sign that they enjoy spending time with you. Hedgehogs may display excitement by running around, exploring their surroundings, or engaging in interactive activities while being handled. Furthermore, if they initiate these playful interactions themselves, it shows how much they appreciate your company.

Building a strong bond with your hedgehog takes time and patience. Remember that not all hedgehogs will show affection in the same way – each has its unique personality. By observing their behavior for signs of curiosity, relaxation, vocalization, seeking physical contact, and enjoyment during handling and playtime, you can gain insight into whether your hedgehog likes you or not. A positive relationship with your adorable prickly friend is undoubtedly worth the effort!