Do Hedgehogs Dig Under Fences?

Hedgehogs are fascinating and unique creatures that can be found in a variety of habitats across the world. While they may be small, hedgehogs possess some impressive abilities to help them navigate their environment and find food. One question that often arises is whether these prickly critters have the ability to dig under fences.

Hedgehogs are known for their natural instincts when it comes to seeking shelter and protection. In the wild, they typically inhabit burrows or nests made from leaves, grass, and other materials. Their strong front paws equipped with sharp claws allow them to dig holes quickly and efficiently.

When faced with an obstacle such as a fence, hedgehogs may attempt to dig underneath it if they cannot find an alternative route. This behavior is more common when they are searching for food or mates during their active periods at night.

Several factors can influence whether hedgehogs will try to dig under a fence:

  1. Spatial limitations: If there’s sufficient clearance between the ground level and bottom edge of the fence, hedgehogs might opt for squeezing through rather than digging.
  2. Motivation: Hedgehog behavior varies depending on what drives them in a specific situation. If there’s something enticing on the other side – like food or potential mates – they’re more likely to attempt digging.
  3. Fence type: The construction of the fence plays a role as well. Chain-link fences provide less resistance compared to solid wooden fences which could deter most hedgehog digging attempts.

If you are interested in creating a hedgehog-friendly environment, there are a few things to consider when it comes to your fences:

  • Allow some clearance: Make sure there is enough room between the ground and the bottom of the fence for hedgehogs to pass through without feeling compelled to dig.
  • Bury wire mesh: Burying wire mesh beneath the fence can deter digging attempts by creating an additional barrier.
  • Create alternative routes: Providing alternative escape routes or openings like small tunnels within your garden can help hedgehogs avoid barriers altogether.

Hedgehogs do have the ability to dig under fences if they perceive it as necessary. However, by implementing some simple measures like allowing clearance or burying wire mesh, you can create a more hedgehog-friendly habitat while still maintaining functional fencing around your property. Remember that every effort counts toward supporting these amazing creatures and ensuring their safety in our increasingly human-dominated world.