Do Guinea Pigs Vomit?

Can Guinea Pigs Vomit?

It may come as a surprise to some, but guinea pigs can indeed vomit. Though this occurrence is not particularly common and usually serves as a sign of an underlying medical issue, it’s important to understand the basics of why and how your guinea pig might experience vomiting in order to properly care for them.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Vomit?

Much like with humans, vomiting in guinea pigs has multiple causes. Some of these include:

  • A sudden change or unfamiliarity with food
  • Eating too quickly or ingesting something that they shouldn’t have eaten
  • Infection
  • Poisoning


If you think that your guinea pig might be vomiting due to any of these conditions, it’s important that you take them to see a vet immediately. This will allow for proper diagnosis and treatment so that your pet can get back on their feet again!

How Does Vomiting Look In A Guinea Pig?

Vomiting in guinea pigs usually appears as small amounts of thin liquid material being expelled from the mouth or nose area. It should also be noted that there are other signs to look out for if you believe your pet is experiencing vomiting such as lethargy, lack of appetite and difficulty drinking water. These symptoms should be observed closely by the owner so that any further action can be taken if needed.

What Can I Do To Help My Guinea Pig With Vomiting?

If you do notice any signs indicating possible vomiting in your pet then it’s best to take them straight away to see a vet who will advise on the best course of action moving forward depending on what could potentially causing the problem (such as infection). Furthermore, it may also help if owners make sure their pets are eating nutritious foods which contain all necessary vitamins & minerals – this helps keep their digestive systems functioning well which reduces risk for issues such as sickness & diarrhoea later down the line!