Do Guinea Pigs Store Food In Their Cheeks?

What Are Guinea Pig Cheeks?

Guinea pig cheeks are the two large pouches located on either side of their face. They have thick fur and a very distinct look, making them instantly recognizable. Guinea pigs use these pouches for storing food while they eat. This is why they often appear to be bulging out when there’s been a lot of grazing!

Do Guinea Pigs Store Food in Their Cheeks?

Yes, guinea pigs do store food in their cheeks! When guinea pigs eat, they take small bites off of whatever it is that they’re eating and then stuff those bits into their cheeks to save for later. This behavior helps them make sure that nothing goes to waste as well as ensures that any food they come across can be brought back home with them if necessary.

How Much Can Guinea Pigs Store In Their Cheeks?

The amount of food that a guinea pig can store in its cheeks will vary from one individual animal to another based on size and breed. However, most domesticated guinea pigs should be able to comfortably fit several tablespoons worth of hay or other vegetation inside each cheek pouch without issue!

Are There Any Other Benefits To Storing Food In The Cheek Pouches?

Aside from being able to carry more food at once, storing food inside the cheek pouches also serves another purpose: protection against predators. By keeping some snacks tucked away under the fur close by their head, this provides an extra level of security just in case something were ever to happen while grazing outdoors or even within the safety of your own home!