Do Guinea Pigs Get Jealous?

Do Guinea Pigs Get Jealous?

Guinea pigs are beloved pets that provide companionship, love, and entertainment for many families. But do guinea pigs get jealous too? It may surprise you to learn that jealousy is a very real emotion in the animal kingdom – and our furry pals are no exception!

Signs of Jealousy in Guinea Pigs

When it comes to understanding if your guinea pig is feeling jealous or not there are some common signs they tend to show. If you notice your guinea pig exhibiting any of these behaviors it’s likely they feel threatened by another creature or person: Aggression towards other animals/humans, hiding away in their cage more often than usual, trying to monopolize your attention when you interact with them for long periods of time, excessive vocalization (chirping or squealing), and refusal to eat food. These signs can all be indicators that your little friend feels threatened by something else taking away time from them.

How To Avoid Jealousy In Your Guinea Pig

The best way to avoid jealousy between two or more guinea pigs is by introducing them gradually over a period of time while providing each one with ample amounts of attention and care. Doing so will help establish trust between the two animals so that they become comfortable around each other. Additionally, make sure all cages have plenty of space for both animals as well as enough toys and activities available – this helps reduce feelings of competition between the two creatures. Finally, always reward good behavior with treats – positive reinforcement goes a long way!


In conclusion, yes – guinea pigs do experience feelings like jealousy at times but there are steps we can take as pet owners help prevent these emotions from taking over our little friends’ lives! With patience, understanding and lots of love – we can ensure our beloved critters remain contented companions who live harmoniously together in peace!