Can Guinea Pigs Get High?


We all know that animals respond differently to certain substances. Many of us also know that some animals, including humans, can get a ‘high’ from marijuana and other drugs. But what about our beloved guinea pigs? Can guinea pigs get high too?

Marijuana and Your Guinea Pig

The answer is no – guinea pigs cannot get high from marijuana or any other drug. Guinea pigs are not mammals like humans, who have endocannabinoid systems which allow them to experience the effects of marijuana. In fact, some research has shown that THC (the active chemical in cannabis plants) can be toxic for your guinea pig when ingested in large doses. So it’s best to keep your stash away from their reach!

Other Substances Affecting Guinea Pigs

But even though they can’t get high off cannabis plants, there are still many everyday substances which may affect your pet guinea pig negatively if ingested in large quantities. For example:

• Chocolates – These contain theobromine which can cause seizures and death when ingested by your pet cavy;

• Onions – Onions contain compounds such as disulfides and sulfoxides which could cause anemia if consumed by your furry friend;

• Alcohol – Ethyl alcohol is poisonous for small pets like yours so make sure you don’t give them anything containing it;

• Caffeine – This stimulant affects their heart rate negatively when taken in big amounts so avoid giving them coffee or tea as well.


In conclusion, while we love spoiling our furry friends with treats every now and then it is important to keep these considerations in mind! While they won’t be getting “high” off of marijuana anytime soon, there are still a variety of other potential dangers lurking close by – always make sure you double check ingredients before giving anything new to your pet!