Can Guinea Pigs Eat Yogurt?

What Do Guinea Pigs Eat?

Guinea pigs are a small, furry animal that can make the perfect addition to your family. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and have an adorable personality. If you’re thinking about getting a guinea pig, it’s important to understand what they eat so you can provide them with the best nutrition possible.

Basic Diet Requirements for Guinea Pigs

The primary food source for guinea pigs is hay, which should be available at all times. Hay provides essential fiber as well as other necessary nutrients like Vitamin A and D3. In addition to hay, they also need fresh vegetables and fruits in their diet such as broccoli, celery, apples, alfalfa sprouts or kale on a daily basis. It’s also important to feed your guinea pig pellets every day; these are specially formulated mixtures designed for cavies (the term used for guinea pigs). Finally, it’s very important that any food given is free from pesticides and fertilizers!

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Yogurt?

Yogurt is not part of the basic diet requirements listed above; however it can be occasionally fed as long as certain guidelines are followed:

1) Only plain yogurt without added sugar should be given – sweetened or flavored yogurts should not be fed since these contain too much sugar which isn’t good for their digestive systems;

2) Feed only small amounts – no more than one tablespoon per day – since too much dairy can cause digestive problems in guinea pigs;

3) Pay attention to how your pet responds after eating yogurt – if he/she has loose stools then it may mean there’s been an overconsumption of this type of food item! So limit its consumption if this occurs often enough.

It’s ultimately up to you whether or not you decide to give your cavy yogurt but keep in mind that providing him/her with plenty of hay, fresh veggies & fruits along with quality pellets will go far towards ensuring optimum health & wellness overall!