Can Guinea Pigs Eat Mangoes?

What Are Mangoes?

Mangoes are a tropical fruit that come in many varieties. They have a sweet, juicy flesh and thin skin. The most common type of mango is the yellow-green variety, which has a smooth texture and mildly sweet flavor.

Are Mangoes Safe For Guinea Pigs To Eat?

Yes, mangoes can be given to guinea pigs as an occasional treat or part of their diet. However, it’s important to make sure they only eat small amounts, as too much may upset their stomachs due to its high sugar content. It’s also important not to give them any pieces with the skin on as this could cause choking or digestive problems.

How Should I Feed Mangoes To My Guinea Pig?

When feeding your guinea pig mangoes it’s best to remove the skin and any pits before giving them a piece. You should then cut the fruit into small cubes so that they can easily chew it safely without risk of choking. As mentioned before, you should only feed them one or two cubes at a time for treats and no more than once or twice per week as part of their regular diet due to its high sugar content.
It’s also recommended that you provide plenty of hay alongside fresh vegetables such as carrots and lettuce along with water in order for your guinea pigs’ diet to remain balanced when feeding them mangoes occasionally as treats .


In conclusion, yes guinea pigs can eat mangoes but only in moderation! Make sure you remove all skins from the pieces you give them and always offer other veggies alongside for balance – plus lots of hay!