Can Guinea Pigs Eat Horse Hay?

What Is Horse Hay?

Horse hay is a type of forage that is specifically designed to feed horses. It typically consists of dried grasses, such as timothy, clover, and alfalfa. This type of hay provides horses with essential vitamins and minerals that help them stay healthy and energetic.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Horse Hay?

Although guinea pigs enjoy eating hay like their equine counterparts, they should not be fed horse hay regularly. While the occasional small piece may not cause any harm to your pet piggy, it does contain nutrients that are formulated specifically for horses and can be too high in calcium or other minerals for a guinea pig’s sensitive digestive system.

In addition to this, horse hays usually have longer stems than other types of hays which make them more difficult for guinea pigs to digest properly. For these reasons it is best to avoid feeding your pet guinea pig any type of horse hay as part of their regular diet.

What Types Of Hay Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

The best kind of hay you can give your guinea pig is Timothy Hay as this contains lower levels of protein and calcium which are ideal for a guinea pig’s digestive system. Additionally, it offers plenty of fiber which helps keep their stomachs healthy while also providing energy from carbohydrates found naturally within the grasses used in Timothy Hay production. Other types such as oat or barley straw can also be given occasionally but should never replace Timothy Hay in a guinea pig’s diet since they offer significantly less nutritional value than Timothy Hay does overall.