Are Pet Pigs Legal in New Mexico?

If you are considering getting a pet pig, it is important to know whether they are legal in your area. Each state has its own regulations regarding exotic pets, and this includes pigs. In the case of New Mexico, there are some specific guidelines and restrictions that potential pig owners need to be aware of.

In New Mexico, it is legal to own a pet pig under certain conditions. The primary factor that determines the legality of owning a pig as a pet is its size. According to the state laws, pigs weighing less than 100 pounds fall under the category of “household pets” and can be kept without any special permits or licenses.

If you wish to keep a pig that weighs more than 100 pounds as a pet, additional requirements apply. These larger pigs are considered “domestic livestock” by the state and may require different regulations compared to household pets.

Even if you have a small pet pig weighing less than 100 pounds, it is essential to check your local zoning regulations before bringing one home. Some cities or counties within New Mexico might have their own rules concerning keeping pigs as pets.

Pet pigs can make great companions; however, they require proper care and attention just like any other animal. Before deciding on getting a pet pig in New Mexico or anywhere else for that matter, consider some safety considerations:

  • Space: Ensure you have enough space for your pig’s needs both indoors and outdoors.
  • Diet: Research appropriate nutritional requirements for pigs and provide a balanced diet.
  • Training and Socialization: Pigs are intelligent animals that require proper training and social interaction to be well-behaved pets.
  • Veterinary Care: Find a veterinarian experienced in pig care to ensure your pet’s health needs are met.

While it may be legal to own a pet pig in New Mexico, responsible ownership is crucial. This means providing the appropriate living conditions, veterinary care, nutrition, and ensuring the pig’s overall well-being. Owning any animal comes with responsibilities, so it is essential to research thoroughly before deciding on bringing a pig into your home.

Pet pigs can indeed be legal in New Mexico under specific circumstances. As long as they weigh less than 100 pounds, they fall under the category of household pets. However, it is important to check local zoning regulations as they may vary within different cities or counties. Regardless of legality, potential owners must always consider safety considerations and commit themselves to responsible ownership for the sake of their pet pigs’ welfare.