Are Guinea Pigs Cannibals?

What is Cannibalism?

Cannibalism is the practice of eating another animal of the same species. In other words, it’s when animals eat members of their own kind. While this may seem strange to us humans, some animals actually do engage in cannibalistic behavior in nature.

Do Guinea Pigs Practice Cannibalism?

The short answer to this question is no – guinea pigs don’t typically exhibit any signs of cannibalistic behavior. They are social creatures that get along with each other and prefer living in groups rather than alone. So it’s very unlikely for them to harm or attack one another, let alone consume a fellow guinea pig. Furthermore, they are herbivores so they only consume plant-based foods which further reduces the likelihood of them engaging in cannibalistic activity.

But What About Predators?

It’s important to note that while guinea pigs themselves won’t display any signs of cannibalism, there can be predators that prey on them which could result in consuming parts or all of a guinea pig as part of its diet depending on the predator and location where they live, such as foxes or owls for example. This would not be considered true “cannibalism” since these predators aren’t preying on other members within their own species; rather they’re simply taking advantage of an easy meal if given the opportunity due to their lack natural defenses like most smaller mammals have (such as claws or sharp teeth). However, we still recommend protecting your pet from potential predators by keeping them inside at night and providing plenty safe spaces during daylight hours!


In conclusion, it’s safe to say that guinea pigs are not cannibals and won’t partake in any type behaviors associated with cannibalism; however it should always be kept an eye out for potential predators who may try take advantage small size so proper precautions must taken ensure safety all times!