Are Chinchillas Legal in Alaska?

If you are considering getting a chinchilla as a pet and happen to live in Alaska, it’s important to know whether these adorable furry creatures are legal to own within the state. Chinchillas have gained popularity as pets due to their unique appearance and friendly nature, but laws regarding exotic pets can vary from one region to another.

In Alaska, owning a chinchilla is perfectly legal. You can happily bring home one (or more) of these small rodents without any concerns about breaking the law or facing any penalties. The Department of Fish and Game does not list chinchillas as prohibited species, which means they do not require any special permits or licenses for ownership.

Chinchillas make wonderful companions but require proper care and attention to ensure their well-being. Here are some essential aspects you need to consider when caring for your pet:


Your chinchilla will need an adequately sized cage that allows them enough space for exercise and exploration. Opt for wire cages with multiple levels, providing plenty of opportunities for climbing and jumping.


A balanced diet is crucial for your chinchilla’s health. Their primary food should consist of high-quality hay supplemented with pellets specifically formulated for chinchillas. Fresh vegetables can be offered sparingly as treats.


Chinchillas have dense fur that needs regular brushing using a gentle brush designed specifically for small animals like them. This helps prevent matting and keeps their coat clean.


Chinchillas are highly active animals that require plenty of exercise to maintain their physical and mental well-being. Provide them with opportunities to run around in a safe, supervised space.


These social creatures enjoy interacting with their owners but also need companionship from other chinchillas. Consider getting a same-sex pair or providing regular playdates for your pet to ensure they have adequate social stimulation.

If you live in Alaska and have been considering adding a chinchilla to your family, you can breathe easy knowing that these charming rodents are legal pets within the state. With proper care and attention, chinchillas can bring immense joy and companionship into your life. Remember to research further on their specific needs and consult with an experienced veterinarian for any additional guidance on ensuring the health and happiness of your new furry friend!