Are Bearded Dragons Legal in Maine?

Bearded dragons, with their charming personalities and unique appearance, have become increasingly popular as pets in recent years. If you’re a reptile lover or considering getting a bearded dragon as your new companion, it’s essential to know the specific regulations and laws regarding owning one in your state. In this blog post, we will explore the legality of keeping bearded dragons as pets in Maine.

Maine has its own set of regulations when it comes to exotic pets like bearded dragons. The state considers any animal that is not native to North America as an exotic pet, which includes reptiles such as bearded dragons.

In Maine’s Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (DACF), there is a designated division called Animal Welfare Program (AWP) responsible for overseeing the rules related to possessing exotic animals within the state. They ensure that individuals who own these pets meet certain welfare standards and maintain public safety.

To legally keep a bearded dragon or any other exotic animal in Maine, you must obtain an Exotic Animal Possession Permit from DACF’s AWP division. This permit ensures compliance with the necessary regulations put forth by the department.

The process typically involves filling out an application form provided by AWP along with paying a fee for obtaining the permit. It is crucial to provide accurate information about yourself and details regarding your housing arrangements for the pet.

Maine has established specific guidelines for housing exotic animals like bearded dragons adequately. These regulations focus on maintaining proper enclosures that cater to their needs concerning space requirements, temperature control, lighting conditions, substrate choices, and more.

It is important to note that the regulations may vary depending on the type of exotic pet you own. Therefore, it’s vital to research and understand these guidelines thoroughly to ensure a safe and comfortable living environment for your bearded dragon.

While obtaining a permit and adhering to housing regulations are essential aspects of owning a bearded dragon legally in Maine, there are additional considerations worth noting:

  • Veterinary Care: It is crucial to find a reptile-savvy veterinarian who can provide proper medical care when needed.
  • Educating Yourself: Be sure to educate yourself about responsible reptile ownership, including their dietary needs, adequate socialization, and overall well-being.
  • Sourcing Your Pet: Ensure that you obtain your bearded dragon from reputable breeders or authorized sellers who adhere to ethical practices concerning animal welfare.

If you’re considering getting a bearded dragon as your new pet in Maine, make sure you familiarize yourself with the state’s exotic animal ownership laws. Obtaining an Exotic Animal Possession Permit from DACF’s AWP division is necessary for compliance. Additionally, follow housing regulations strictly and prioritize providing appropriate veterinary care while educating yourself about responsible reptile ownership. By doing so, you can enjoy the companionship of this unique lizard friend within legal boundaries in beautiful Maine!